Free Cooking Lessons For 100 Mile Participants

In partnership with the Muskegon YMCA, RPI will be offering free cooking lessons to 100 Mile participants and their families.  This Wednesday, October 1st, the cooking instructor from the YMCA will be here to give a brief demonstration of the class from 3:45-4:45.  If you are interested in attending, please plan to pick up your child up on the patio at 4:50.  

Cooking classes are for 100 Mile students and their families.  They are FREE and include a FREE bag of groceries after each lesson.  There is also a free shopping trip to Meijer where students are given $10 to spend and prepare the meal.   To sign up, students must attend 4 of the 6 sessions and pre-register.  There are only 17 openings per class and will be determined based upon first come, first serve basis.

Cooking classes will be offered in four, 6 week sessions at RPIS in room 134 ( Mrs. Niklasch’s Classroom).  Classes will be held during the following day and times: 

  • Session #1: Tuesdays              5:15-6:45      10/28-12/2
  • Session #2: Wednesdays        4:00-6:00     12/17-2/4
  • Session #3: Wednesdays        4:00-6:00     2/11-3/18
  • Session #4: Wednesdays        4:00-6:00     3/25-5/6

To Register: Please sign up at this link 

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Igniting Minds, Fueling Wellness- Join 100 Mile Club!

Muskegon County is ranked 82 out of 82 for health and wellness!!!  It is time to change this, and our students are the elements of change.  Please consider joining 100 Mile Club to increase your overall health and wellness.

When: Every Monday & Wednesday 3-3:40 pm, Cost: $10, FREE for students receiving free and reduced lunch

To Sign Up: Please fill out the following forms and give to your club coordinator.

Deadline for sign up is Monday 9/22 to be eligible for the a drawing to win an ipod shuffle.

Information Sheet: Review for club details and keep at home to be informed to mileage prize dates. 

Student Sign Up Sheet : Sign and return to club coordinator by 9/22/15

Mileage Credit Form: Use to earn extra miles for any RP sport or club sport. 

Visit the 100 Mile Blog  and subscribe with your email for additional information and upcoming wellness opportunities.

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10/1 Wednesday AR Social Studies

Social Studies: SWBA to prepare their knowledge of the CDV’s.

  • Practice Online Vocab Quiz
  • Correct Formative Assessment
  • Online Infographic Poster For CDV
  • CVD Vocab Quiz tomorrow. Please study using the blog or hardcopy.
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10/1 Wednesday Science & SS

RT: SWBA to compare political systems. 

  • Visual Representation of Different Gov’t Systems
  • Group Activity: Sorting Characteristics of Political Systems
  • Graphic Organizer Examples

SS: SWBA to identify the major geographical features of the Earth. 

  • SIN Entry page 12
  • Article- Take A Position
  • Cut Out Map- Due Friday
  • Vocab Quiz 1.1 tomorrow. Please study using my blog or your hard copy!  To be qualified to take your quiz, vocab ws 1.1 must be completed!!!!

Sci: SWBA to compare ecosystems.

  • Create a visual of the interactive desert food web
  • Group Activity: Ecosystem Comparison T-Chart
  • SIN Entry page 20


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9/30 AR SS

LG:SWBA to define the CDV’s and explain their importance.

  • CDV Presentation
  • CDV Notes
  • Skits
  • CDV Formative Assessment
  • CDV Packet Make Up Time: Due Thursday to take CDV quiz on blog. Please study using your packet or the blog.
  • Online practice CDV assessment.
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9/30 Tuesday SS & Science

RT: SWBA to understand the benefits of government.

Group process activities

  • Iraq Article
  • Anarchy Notes

SS: SWBA to identify the major phyical features of the world.

  • SIN Entry
  • Balloon Activity
  • Video Clip
  • Formative Assessment
  • Vocab quiz 1.1 this Thursday. Please study using the blog or your hard copy. Vocab Ws 1.1 due on Thursday to take the quiz!

SS: SWBA to compare ecosystems.

  • Yarn Ecosystem Simulation
  • Formative Assessment
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9/29 Monday Science and Social Studies

RT: SWBA to identify the purpose of government. 

  • Group Processing Activities
  • Video Clip
  • Run The Country Notes

Science: SWBA to explain how animals are connected in an ecosystem. 

  • Food Web Creation
  • Abiotic and Biotic Elements
  • SIN Entry pages 18 & 19
  • Formative Assessment: Biotic & Abiotic

Social Studies : SWBA to identify the major geographical features of the world. 

  • SIN Entry pg 8:  World Map From Memory
  • Trace A World Map Activity: Due tomorrow 9/30!
  • SIN Entry pg 9: Process ?, Video Clip, Acronym
  • Vocab WS 1.1 due this Thursday.  Please study for vocab quiz 1.1 using blog or hardcopy!



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Enter the Muskegon Rocket City 5k on Saturday, October 11th!

Help to support the Neurofibromatosis of Michigan by running this 5k on Saturday, October 11th!

When: 5:00 PM, packet pick up at 3:00 PM

Where: RPHS Soccer Stadium

Price: $25.00

To Register Online:   Link To Register

Additional Details: 

  • All 100 Mile Participants will earn a 5 mile credit with proof of registration.
  • Every participant will receive a free 9″ one topping pizza from Handsome Hobos.
  • Join for a soccer friendly after the race,  No More Sidelines vs. RP JV Boys Soccer Team.
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9/26 AR Science & SS

LG: SWBA to define and give examples of CDV’s. 

  • Smart CDV Presentation & CDV Notes
  • Group Processing Activities
  • CDV Skits
  • Formative Assessment: CDV 6-10
  • CDV Vocab Quiz this Thursday 10/2.  Please study using the blog or hardcopy to study starting on Sunday night!
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9/26 Friday

RT: SWBA to identify positive behavior at RPIS. 

  • Seminar

SS: SWBA to define and give examples for geography. 

  • SIN Entry page 6 & 7
  • Group Processing Activity
  • Geography Visualization WS
  • Video Clip:
  • Remember to complete your vocab ws 1.1 this weekend.  Please start studying for vocab quiz 1.1 on Sunday night.
  • Vocab quiz 1.1 is scheduled for Thursday 10/2.

Science: SWBA to identify how animals are connected in a  food web. 

  • Building of an ecosystem food web
  • SIN Entry page 18
  • Make sure your Science SIN is up to date.  There will be a check at the end of next week.


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9/25 AR Science & Social Studies

Congratulation to Jaylen Mansfield for being voted “Employee of the Week” by his classmates.


Displaying photo.JPG

New classroom jobs were assigned today!

We continue to work on getting along with others, focus on our learning, and listening when others are speaking.

Science: SWBA to identify how animals are connected in a food web. 

  • Animal Research
  • Food Web Creation

Social Studies: SWBA to identify the CDV’s and how they impact our lives. 

  • CDV Smrt Presentation & Notes
  • CDV Hand Signal Skits
  • Formative Assessment #1-5 CDV’s
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