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9/18 Building Grit & Perseverance To Become A 21st Century Learner


Today was a very challenging day for all of my students.  We attempted to jump into the 21st century learning and set up the following to aid in classroom  instruction:

  • Google Email-Device Connection
  • Blog Subscription Via Student Email
  • Google Calendar Set Up- Track assignments and activities  etc.
  • Google Classroom Set Up-Learning to work independently using online resources 

Since technology skills within my classroom are a very large range in ability, our progress can be measured in varied ranges.  I can attest all students learned new skills today, yeah!!! :) Therefore, many did not complete their assignment. The assignment for the weekend is to complete the tasks using Google Classroom:

  • Read both syllabus for Science and Social and complete Classroom Overview questions 1-4 using online student interactive notebook (SIN).
  • Take the online vocabulary pretest located in Google Classroom and email score to Mrs. Niklasch. This is a pretest and will not impact students’ grade, as it is a tool to show growth.
  • Complete the cover page of the SIN using clip and word art.

To access Google Classroom, please use this LINK and the following passcode: 6vq6ii    

For students that do not have access to the internet, public libraries are always open for patronage. In addition, I open my classroom at lunch for students that need access and they are able to complete assignments.  If you have any questions completing the assignment, please feel free to email me asap. 

PS- Struggle equals growth and growth equals learning!!!!!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. N


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Welcome To My Blog

Hello, did you get this?

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9/15 Tuesday’s Learning

  1. Please view your child’s multiple intelligence assessment and discuss your child’s learning profile.  It is always fun to compare student profiles with their parents’ profiles to gather an understanding of how our students learn best.
  2. Please have a family discussion on the following quote and how it connects to 21st century learning: “Conformity is the opposite of creativity”. 
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AM Core Assignment

Please remember to complete the “All About Me” informational sheet and visual personal projection ws at home tonight and bring back tomorrow.

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9-14 21st Century Learning

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9-10 Why I Do What I Do….

Please watch the following 21st Century Learning and view the image below.  Please hold me accountable if you do not believe your child is receiving 21st century education.  The partnership between parents, students, and teachers have never been more vital or necessary to ensure our students are ready for the 21st century economy.

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Migration, Immigration, & Emigration Skits

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3/19 Migration, Immigration, & Emigration Skits & Videos

The Irish Potato Famine: Caden, Jeremy, Faith, & Alissa K


The Great Migration: Liv, Logen A., Chase, Riley S. 


Holocaust: Ryley S., Matthew W, Arie, Maddy A




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3/13 Friday

School Announcement: Please Watch 

Rocket Time: SWBA to compare and contrast religions of the world. 

  • Religions & War Article & Connection Web WS
  • Five Main Religions Video &  Concept Map WS

AM Core

SS: SWBA to explain the significance of migration, emigration, and immigration. 

  • I can compare and contrast migration, emigration, and immigration.
  • Video & SIN entry on page 8o -Complete Graphic organizer and question #15.
  • Group Activity: Chart Paper Sorting Activity “Migration, Immigration, & Emigration”

SCI:SWBA to explain how heat transfer and matter are connected. 

  • I can explain how convection, conduction, and radiation transfer heat.
  • Science Vocabulary Quiz (Students Qualified ONLY!!!): Quiz 
  • SIN Entry: Page 104 Letter J
  • Picture Activity: Provide reasoning using the chart on page 105 in your SIN.
  • Sort Activity: Complete in SIN page 106

PM Core

SS: SWBA to explain how a natural disaster impacts people and the land.

  • I can create a story of a natural disaster using technology.
  • Story Peach Project: Research, Photo Collection, Create Storyboard
  • Natural Disaster Picture Activity

SCI: SWBA to define terms for matter and energy. 

  • I can define terms for energy and matter using images.
  • Science Vocab Terms WS-Turn in when completed.
  • Practice Science Vocab Quiz: Practice Quiz 


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