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March 27, 2015

Science Olympiad Update

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The R-P Science Olympiad Team finished 8th out of 16 teams in the regional held on Saturday. Aleigha Lindstrom and Sam Mazurkiewicz placed first in forensic chemistry. The competiton was held at Alma College. Students compete in 22 scientific events that range from engineering, anatomy, genetics, chemistry to astronomy.R-P has a strong tradition of performing well in this science competition with 19 state appearances in the past 25 years.


Our Science Olympiad Team:  L-R

Front Row: Kaitlyn Sutton, Delaney Dalhstrom, Corrin Dykes, Aleigha Lindstrom, Sam Mazurkiewiez and Tea Schlager

Back Row: Adam Knapp, Tyler Poindexter and Courtney Herlein

Matress Sale Supports R-P Band Program

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Matress Sale



March 25, 2015

Parent/Teacher Conference: Tuesday, March 31st

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We have one evening next week set aside for parent/teacher conferences in the arena at the high school.  Next week Tuesday, March 31st from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. parents will have the opportunity to meet with the teachers on their student’s schedule and hear areas of celebration as well as areas of improvement.

Schedules will be available just outside the arena and our traditional coffee & cookies will be available.  We hope to see you on campus next week Tuesday!


Annual Blood Drive Provides Boost for Red Cross

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The National Honor Society staged a very successful blood drive last Friday and the Muskegon Red Cross personnel were very impressed with how well it was organized and supported.  Mrs. Stacy Johnson, advisor for our NHS chapter commented, ” An event such as our blood drive is a great way for many students to come together for a good cause.  The students were excited to volunteer for the event.”

image (2)

R-P student Libby Luker shown above supporting the blood drive

A total of 86 students and staff volunteered to donate with a net total of 57 usable units collected.  According to Red Cross personnel, it was more than they anticipated.  Kudos to the NHS for staging such a successful event to support our community!

Course Selection Deadline Approaching!

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Apr 2 Photo

A reminder for all students that will be part of the 2015-16 Rocket student body that our window for choosing courses closes on Thursday, April 2nd at 2:00 p.m.

Students, make sure that you have talked with your counselor as well as your parents about the courses you’re considering.  We will honor the courses that you select by building our master schedule around them.  This also means that you will be held accountable to your selections!

If you have any questions about our scheduling process, please contact either the high school or middle school counseling office, depending on the current building you are in.

GPA, Rigorous Courses, Extra-Curriculars Leverage Acceptance into College

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Next spring, our current sophomore class will be the first R-P class to take the SAT as part of the Michigan Merit Exam, a move away from the well known ACT.  The shift from the ACT to the SAT has brought about a shift in thinking in college admissions offices across the country too!  Over 800 current colleges and universities list either or both the ACT/SAT as “optional” tests in their admissions process.

So, what might the admissions offices have as their focal areas when reviewing college applications?  At R-PHS, we have been very consistent in our communications to our students, that the rigor of courses, their performance in these classes and their participation in extra-curricular activities will greatly improve their odds in being accepted in the college or university of their choice.

It was mentioned earlier in this post that over 800 hundred colleges and universities list standardized tests as “optional” in their admissions process.  To access this list, click on this link:

College List

A recent article was posted on work done and movement made at Kalamazoo College on the shift they’ve made to “optional” status with respect to the use of standardized testing as a component to their admissions protocol.  To read the article, click on the link below.

Kalamazoo College

We applaud the stance that Kalamazoo College has taken as well as the over 800 other colleges and universities with respect to the role standardized tests have played in the college admissions process.  This move recognizes the work done by students and school programs that provide a mural of work as compared to a snapshot in time.

R-P Authors: The New Section in Town (Libraries)

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Reeths-Puffer High School will graduate their 57th class on June 2, 2015.  Relatively speaking, our district is young when compared to other districts in Muskegon County.  A new vision is being put into motion with the hope of building on the traditions that continue to make our district great!

The Vision:

A Reeths-Puffer Authors collection will have its own section in each library in all district schools to honor past graduates whose works have been published.


The committee that has launched this vision is comprised of:

Dan Beckeman, High School Principal

Nancy Burton, English Department Chair

Bob Heaton, Retired English Teacher and English Department Chair

Ken Krispin, AP English Literature Teacher

Joan Vincent, LMC Specialist


Our alumni have gone on to do many great things in communities across the nation and globe.  Many of these great things have been published for a greater audience to enjoy.  What better audience than R-P Rocket Readers of all ages and grades?

With the help of social media, we hope to identify every Reeths-Puffer graduate who has had work published.  This is where YOU (the reader) can help!  If you know of an R-P alum that is a published author whose work could include, but not be limited to: books, magazines, newspapers, essays, poetry, lyrics, blogs, movie or TV screenplays, the committee asks that you contact us at: rpauthors@reeths-puffer.org.

March 24, 2015

Aquinas College Signs Rocket Bowler

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Aquinas College just made their bowling team better!  Senior Samantha Johns, reigning City Champion recently signed a national letter of intent to join the bowling team for the Saints.  Pictured in the photo below are L-R: Coach Charlie Tapp, Samantha and Samantha’s mother, Cheyl Johns.


Samantha has enjoyed a very successful bowling career for the Rockets.  Some of her accomplishments over her three-year varsity career are:

  • Honorable Mention All-Conference as a Sophomore
  • All-Conference as a Junior
  • All-Conference as a Senior
  • Individual GMAA City Champion

Asked what she looks forward to upon her arrival on the Saints campus, Samantha had this to say; “Aquinas is a great fit for me.  It has the major I want to pursue (Major: Biology, Minor: Psychology) and they have a great bowling team.”  Pictured below is Samantha’s family, grandparents and her coach.



Leadership Opportunity for Current R-PHS Juniors & Seniors

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CMU has a wonderful opportunity for current juniors and seniors in high school called Leadership Camp. Students should consider checking out CMU’s Leadership Camp for dozens of reasons?! It is an awesome opportunity to either check out CMU before students apply or before they attend in the fall. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to connect with other students who will be attending CMU too.

For more information about camp and how to register follow this link:

If you want to hear about campers experiences, check out this video:

Grad Night Fundraiser: EZ Defense Self Protection

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A highly specialized, easy to learn, personal-protection program is coming to R-P Middle on March 28th.  This event is perfect for college-bound students!

Why is Self Defense Important for You?  Participants will learn about the importance of control.

Some of the topics covered during the seminar will include:

  • Basic Awareness and Prevention Skills
  • How to Access Danger and Make Decisions
  • Stopping Threats Using Clear, Verbal Communication
  • Remain completely calm in the face of danger
  • How to defend against the most common street attacks
  • Simple techniques that will devastate an attacker

For more information, please click on the link below.


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