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May 22, 2015

Traditional Senior Paper Toss: 2015 Style

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The class of 2015’s version of the Annual Senior Paper Toss


Pride Day: An Incredible Day For All

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Pride Day 2015 brought out a wonderful sense of community as students and staff alike joined together to spend time beautifying the high school campus.  From the time students started sprucing up the campus until the final minute of our day together, our students truly realized how great it is to be a Rocket!  This post includes photos taken throughout the day as well as videos from the student council-led assembly that included honoring Mrs. Jan Delaney as Pride Day 2015 Honoree.  Enjoy!

Pride Day: Photos

R-PHS Madrigals Pride Day Performance

R-PHS Children’s Theatre Performance


Pride Day 2015 Honoree:  Mrs. Jan Delaney


May 21, 2015

Pride Day 2015

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Today the high school students and staff celebrate Pride Day 2015!  The student council put together a short video about Pride Day.  Click on the video below to view it.

To read a short history of Pride Day, click on the link below.

A History of Pride Day

May 14, 2015

R-P Middle School’s 2015-16 Principal: Mrs. Jenni Anderson

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Mr. Simeon Frang, current R-P Middle School Principal, has recently accepted a new position as Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Orchard View Public Schools.  His successor was named today by Mr. Steve Edwards, R-P Superintendent and we are proud to announce that Mrs. Jennifer Anderson, current Assistant Principal at R-PHS will lead our Middle School as Principal beginning with the 2015-16 school year.

JA Prom

Mr. Edwards met with many of the staff members at the Middle School and when asked what they desired in their next Principal, the following qualities were shared:

  • Someone who can effectively inspire and motivate the students and staff toward a collective and well thought out vision.
  • A leader who effectively communicates at both the macro and micro levels.
  • A leader who is an effective and well equipped coach.
  • A leader who is approachable, knowledgeable and can effectively balance the philosophical and pragmatic/practical aspects of teaching and learning.
  • A leader whose philosophies and beliefs in servant leadership are worthy of emulation.
  • A leader who is decisive.
  • A leader who sees, believes, and leads.

At the conclusion of meeting with the Middle School staff, it was clearly apparent that Mrs. Anderson possessed these qualities well and would be a great fit for our Middle School.

Mrs. Anderson who came to R-PHS as a math instructor fourteen years ago spent her first eleven years in the math department and then moved into the Assistant Principal’s position where she has helped lead the high school for the past three years.

Great things are in store for the Middle School!  We wish Mrs. Anderson the very best in her new role!

May 13, 2015

The National Guard: An Honorable Option

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Are you interested in the National Guard? On May 21st from 5:00-8:00pm, an informational event about the National Guard will be held at the National Guard Armory in Montague. Attendees will be able to view equipment used by the Guard such as Humvees, weapons, trucks, etc. Information will also be provided on the benefits of joining the Guard, including the benefits for helping to pay for college. There will be free food and drinks. Additionally, come join in the Call of Duty tournament to see if you can beat a Guard-member! To RSVP, call (or text) Sergeant Young at 616-550-5687.  Interested in other branches of the military too? Why not talk to a recruiter? Contact information for recruiters from the different branches can be found here: http://rpcollegeadviser.weebly.com/military.html

Guard Night

Dancing Through the Decades

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We’ve got a fabulous show for you!  RPHS Choir present their 21st annual Pops Concert Dancing Through the Decades this Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m.  Featured songs include:  Uptown Funk, We Got the Beat, Dancing Queen, Get Ready, and Dancing in the Streets!  Lots of fun, and a great family show!

Dancing Through The Decades Logo  (Purple)

Tickets on sale at the door $5, $15 for family nucleus.  

R-P Hockey Signs 5 Year Deal With L.C. Walker Arena

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R-P Hockey has a new home!  The L.C. Walker Sports arena has long been the gathering place for the greater Muskegon community to watch hockey.  Many people in our community remember watching the Zyphers, Mohawks, Lumberjacks, Fury and other hockey teams play in the L.C. Walker arena.  We are proud to announce that the Mighty Rockets of Reeths-Puffer High School will be added to the list of hockey programs that call the Walker their home.  To read more on the agreement made, click on the link below.

RP Hockey at L.C.Walker Arena

May 7, 2015

R-P Alumni Earn Prestigious Honors at GVSU Graduation

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Grand Valley State University held their graduation ceremony on April 25th in downtown Grand Rapids and some of their highest honors went to R-P Alumni! Emily Andrews, Courtney Cave, and Stephanyu Zahl were all awarded Biomedical Sciences Graduates of Distinction. This was a departmental award from their major program. Each candidate had to be nominated by a professor and then submit a resumé and cover letter detailing their time at Grand Valley, all that they’ve gained, and how they’ve given back to the GV community with their time there. With that, the BMS board evaluated each application and made the decision. In total, there were 35 selected Graduates of Distinction out of 1,300 plus students in their major.


Left to Right:  Emily Andres, Courtney Cave, Marissa Pulsipher and Stephany Zahl

Marissa Pulsipher received the Duke Tanaka Jr. Anatomy Scholarship, another highly coveted honor.

It sure is a point of pride to see Rocket Alumni being recognized for their continued academic excellence.

Art in the Moment: Results of a Creative & Team Building Day

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It was another successful year for Reeths-Puffer’s Art in the Moment Challenge, where teams from five local schools arrived to R-PHS earlySaturday morning to compete against teams from other local schools in a 5 hour art challenge.  Artists were asked to focus their creations around the theme “The Power of Change,” and by the end of the day, the student teams representing each school had created an original artwork.  This year’s event was judged by local artists and MCC instructors, Timothy Norris and Patricia Opel.  This year, North Muskegon’s team earned first place, while Holton’s team earned second place.  It was certainly an exciting day for the Arts at Reeths-Puffer!


North Muskegon: Cayden Villecas, Jimmy Cobb & Kelly Torz

Holton: Mystic Hayes, Riley Hicks & Sydney Armstrong
Reeths-Puffer: Kayleigh Gonzales, Alyssa Clark & Autumn Johnson
Muskegon: Ashley Doyle, Rebecca Jimenez & Tamera Fisher
Mona Shores: Hannah Jansen-Yee, Dominique LeRoux & Alex Lynn

May 5, 2015

Safety Added to Rocket Doors

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Lockdown Co

In 2007, Sandy Hook Elementary school was the site of one of the most horrific school shootings in history. Early in the year, Principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung ordered a new security system at the entrance doors and had the doors locked at 9:30am. On this day just after 9:30, Adam Lanza found the doors locked, but used a high powered assault rifle to shoot a hole in the doors to gain entry. This is NOW a preventable situation.

In a matter of seconds an active shooter can enter your building regardless of the locking device. With one thing in mind, there is little to stop them…until now.


A door equipped with a secondary security layer is no match for a high powered assault rifle

The Lockdown’s Ballistic Shields are not just a sheet of metal. Made from specially tested aluminum they are nearly impenetrable as they are placed over key areas on doors and windows. When shot, the bullet penetrates the unique material limiting expansion and causing razor sharp edges at the penetrated point.

For a shooter to gain entry, they must shoot a clean hole into the metal big enough to reach into the building to unlock the doors. A second, and most damaging deterrent, is the sharp razor edges the bullet holes cause. The shooter WILL sustain major injury attempting to open the door.

Ballistic Shields provide exactly what is needed in active shooter situations…TIME

Time is of the essence in these situations. Any obstacle the shooter must hurdle is time for students, staff, and police to prepare. As the shooter is using up ammunition attempting entry, your students and staff are barricaded in rooms with The Boot.

Once the shooter has failed, he may make other attempts at different locations or give up. Again, this allows you to prepare and buys time for police response.

Your added protection without looking like Fort Knox

At 3mm thick, the shield lay’s nearly flush to the door. This isn’t a thick piece of metal heightening public concern. They are engraved with the school name and a plasma cut center with the mascot. They have a high density adhesive and several screws anchoring the shield to the door.

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