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April 28, 2015

City Championships on Tap This Weekend

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MLive has posted an article providing details on the City Championships that will be up for grabs this weekend in track, golf, tennis, baseball and softball.  To read more and see action photos, click on the link below.

City Championships

April 27, 2015

Michigan Advanced Technician Training

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The next application for the Michigan Technician Training (MAT2) Program is due April 30, 2015.  MAT2 combines on-the-job training with classroom work to prepare students for careers in skilled manufacturing and technology.  In particular, students are prepared to work in mechatronics, IT, technical design, and CNC manufacturing.  Students who are admitted to MAT2 are employed by a sponsoring company who agrees to cover the cost of college tuition for an associate degree.  As such, after three years, during which time students have been alternately working and studying, they will earn an associate degree paid for by their employer as well as valuable work experience.  Students are then required to work an additional two years for their sponsoring employer.  Those interested in applying for the MAT2 program are encouraged to go to MAT2 to learn more about the application process as well as participating companies and colleges.  The dates for upcoming informational webinars about MAT2 can also be found at MAT2 Events




April 24, 2015

NCAA Sports Eligibility Seminar at R-PHS

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Are you interested in participating in college athletics?  If your response is either “yes” or “maybe”, you will want to comet to campus next Monday evening, April 27th  at 7:00 p.m. in room 211 get information on what’s involved in becoming eligible to compete in athletics at the collegiate level.  If you have any questions about this event, please contact our athletic director, Mr. Tony Schmitt at 719-3113 ext. 3773.

April 22, 2015

Grad Night Sponsors Fundraiser Saturday

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The Grad Night Parents of the class of 2015 are hosting an event this Saturday night!  If you would like a fun night out while at the same time, supporting Grad Night 2015, click on the link below.

Camel Races Poster

Art in the Evening

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A great opportunity awaits you at R-P Intermediate School’s café tomorrow night!  Click on the media photo below to enlarge.

Art in the Evening




April 20, 2015

Wind Ensemble Performs at WMU

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The R-PHS Wind Ensemble (preparing to perform on Miller Auditorium stage)

20150416_154040 - Copy_crop

Kudos to the the RPHS Wind Ensemble on their outstanding performance Thursday 4/18 at the 47th Annual Western Michigan University Spring Conference on Wind and Percussion Music. The group had the opportunity to work with composer Dana Wilson (photo below) and perform on the stage of Miller Auditorium (photo above).

Guest Conductor

According to R-P director, Mr. Hodson, the band played a wonderful, diverse, and demanding program that included works by Dana Wilson, John Mackey, Frank Ticheli, Michael Markowski, Percy Grainger, and Leonard Bernstein . . . and they were STELLAR!!!!!!!

Mr. Hodson had this to say about our wind ensemble’s performance, “I don’t think it’s possible for me to be any more proud of these fine students than I am right now as I reflect on; their work leading up to this event, their behavior on the 2 days of this trip, and their amazing performance! This truly has been one of the finest experiences in the storied history of the RPHS Bands.  I am humbled and honored to be a part of this program.”

April 17, 2015

Red Means Stop

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Have you ever run a red light?  Have you ever been caught in “no man’s land” on those late yellow, ready to turn red settings in an intersection?  Many have and many have experienced very unfortunate results. Mr. Uganski invited Pam & Ty Woods into his health classes to talk about an initiative that has national recognition as well as a close connection to their family.  The program is titled: Red Means Stop. IMG_4173 Pam Woods (photo above) shared their personal story of their grandson (Shaun Dos) and the accident that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down due to a driver who ran a red light while texting someone.  The texting driver walked away from the accident while her grandson lost the ability to walk forever.  The bike in the background of the photo was Shaun’s birthday gift that he was to receive later in the day that he was injured. Some takeaways for our students on facts about Running Red Lights:

  • Every day nearly 350 people are seriously injured and each year 650 people die as a result of red light running.
  • 95% of Americans are afraid they will be hit by a red light runner.
  • 56% of Americans admit to running red lights.

Pam and Ty Woods also shared their grandson’s facebook page with our students with the hope that many would “like” his page.  Shaun loves to meet new people.  His facebook page can be located at: facebook.com/shaundoss06. For more information on Red Means Stop, visit their website at: www.redmeansstop.org

April 15, 2015

Kayleigh Gonzalez: MLive Winter Athlete of the Year

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When you add State Champion to your resume, you’re a natural draw for local and regional sports journalists.  R-P senior, Kayleigh Gonzalez recently rolled her way into the R-P and MHSAA history books by winning the Division II state championship in the sport of bowling.

MLive posted an article today on Kayleigh.  The link is provided below.

MLive WInter Athlete of the Year

April 14, 2015

Proposal 1: Impact Goes Beyond Roads

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The vote on Proposal 1 is scheduled for May 5th.  So, what’s packed into Proposal 1?  Is it just about Roads?  If it passes, does it help or hurt public schools?  How is the sales tax impacted by its passage?  How does it raise revenue from vehicle registration fees?  The questions seem endless!  The article goes on to help readers understand Proposal 1 and make the voter as informed as possible.

The problem:  Michigan roads, highways and bridges are deteriorating due to a lack of “investment” from the state.  Currently, 32% of our roads are in “poor” condition and that is expected to increase to 65% by 2018.  The legislators are in consensus that we need an additional $1.2 billion annually to maintain our current infrastructure.

Increase Sales Tax

Proposal 1 does have a number of laws (10 to be exact) that generate revenue streams that are much needed to improve Michigan’s travel infrastructure.  A synopsis of Proposal 1 can be accessed from the links below.

Sales & Use Tax

Registration Fees

Road Maintenance

School Expense Information

Fuel Tax

Family Tax Credit

If you would like to view a non-partisan slide presentation on Proposal 1, the link below will take you to the Citizens Research Council of Michigan and guide you through Proposal.

Citizens Research Council of Michigan

The impact that Proposal 1 has on Reeths-Puffer Schools (if passed) would be an additional $200.00 per student, allowing our district to soften the blow of shrinking revenue streams flowing to all public school districts in the state of Michigan.  (click on image to enlarge).

Per Pupil Foundation Allowance

The vote on Proposal 1 is May 5th.  It’s important that our voters understand the proposal so to cast an informed vote.





April 13, 2015

Rocket Scholars Event Puts “Fun” in Fundraising!

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IMG_0206-3Even though six people split the $10,000.00 check at the end of the night, everyone who attended “A Ticket to the Future” was a winner!  The event known as “The Ticket to the Future”, has become an annual event where Rocket supporters purchase a $100.00 ticket to be entered into a “reverse drawing” with $10,000.00 going to a single winner or up to ten winners to be split.  Ticket sales topped 240 and when the rolling barrel gets down to ten tickets remaining, the ten lucky owners of the tickets  still left in the barrel must all agree to split the $10,000.00 or a ticket is drawn until all agree or only one ticket remains in the barrel.  This year, the last six remaining ticket owners agreed to split the check with each winner taking home over $1,600.00 each.

The Rocket Scholars Committee, chaired by Stacy and Corey Johnson, organized the event to include a 550/50 raffle that raised an additional $660.00, a kayak raffle that raised over $500.00, a delicious array of hors d’oeuvres served by Mia & Grace, easy listening music provided by Joe Milder.

Rocket Scholars has raised over $150,000.00 to support Rocket students in the form of scholarships to assist with the ever-increasing costs of college.  We would like to thank the many sponsors that helped to make this event so successful.  A complete listing of our Rocket Scholars Sponsors can be accessed from the link below.

Rocket Scholars Sponsors 2015

To view photos (huge thanks to Joe Lane) from the event, click on the link below:

Rocket Scholars


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