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October 20, 2016

Follow R-P Athletics via Twitter

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If you have yet to see the vast improvement to our athletic website, now’s the time to pay a visit:

R-P Athletics

Our athletic site provides updated articles, photos and….LIVE Twitter feed from on-going contests.  If you like Twitter, follow our Rockets as they compete by following us @rprockets

Athletics Twitter

R-P Educator Shares Highlights with Tom Izzo

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It’s not everyday that people get the opportunity to sit down in MSU Head Basketball Coach, Tom Izzo’s office and have a conversation.  But then again, not everyone is like R-P’s Julie Raynor!  Julie serves R-P students in the role of speech pathologist and knows no boundaries when it comes to finding ways to move students forward in their area of need.  Listen in as Coach Izzo learns more about how special Julie Raynor is:

One on One with Tom Izzo

The accompanying story written by Bob Brenzing, shares some of Julie’s accomplishments:

LANSING, Mich. (Michigan Lottery) – A Muskegon County educator known for creating innovative programs, such as a school “Communications Café,” to help students with communication impairments has been honored with an Excellence in Education award from the Michigan Lottery.

The award winner, Julie Raynor, is a speech language pathologist with the Reeths-Puffer School District, where she works with students in the seventh to 12th grades.

In addition to her work with the Muskegon district, Raynor also is known for co-founding Camp Shout Out, which is a summer camp for young people who stutter, combined with hands-on training for speech language pathologists and graduate students. Camp Shout Out attracts campers from around the world and has won numerous awards. Raynor serves as co-director of the annual camp, which serves youth ages 8 to 18. Kristin Chmela co-founded the camp with Raynor and serves as the co-director of the camp and its director of training and treatment.

The Michigan Lottery established the Excellence in Education awards in 2014 to recognize outstanding public school educators across the state during the school year.  Winners of the weekly award receive a plaque, a $500 cash prize, and a $500 grant to their classroom, school or school district. One of the weekly winners will be selected as the Educator of the Year and will receive a $10,000 cash prize.

Raynor said her favorite part of being an educator is “being able to develop and implement programs that excite students with communication impairments, as well as their peers. I love creating spaces that encourage connections between all students. I love how communication can be embedded into every single aspect of the day.

“Some of my students have difficulty expressing their ideas or understanding the content presented in class, others may struggle with stuttering or use an augmentative and alternative communication device to help them communicate their ideas. Many of the kids I work with have difficulty relating to their peers. Perhaps they misinterpret the social cues or are not able to speak effectively enough to join in a conversation. Often they remain on the ‘outskirts’ of their peer group,” she said. “I have witnessed firsthand how positive experiences within the community can literally change lives.

“Whatever limitations that students may bring to the table, the most important thing an educator can do is help those students find their strengths by believing in them and showing them how to believe in themselves.

“I believe education changes the world,” Raynor said, explaining: “Superior education is the key to building strong communication skills. Strong communication skills are the key to building positive relationships. Positive relationships are the key to building strong communities. Strong communities are the key to building a better world.”

Raynor said her students motivate her to do her best every day. “Young people with communication impairments inspire and motivate me to continuously strive to create an environment where each student is viewed as an equal communication partner, to never give up and to do anything I can to help others really listen.”

She added that she’s also inspired by her colleagues and school management. “I’m surrounded by leaders who serve and lead by example and colleagues who are passionate about their work. They inspire and motivate me to try new things, to take chances, to view failures and problems as opportunities, to evolve continuously and grow. They go above and beyond to not only support our students but also to support each other.”

Raynor’s nomination for the Excellence in Education award described her as an educator “who knows no limits when it comes to helping young people become better communicators. She works tirelessly to help children not only in her school district, but also throughout her community, region and state.

“For example, in order to increase ‘buy-in’ from high school students receiving speech therapy services, she created the ‘Communication Café.’ This café is set up like a coffee shop with comfortable seating and a hot chocolate machine. Having this space has led to increased attendance while providing a relaxed, natural environment for communication interactions. Students who don’t receive speech therapy hang out in the Communication Café and are used as typical peer models,” the nomination said.

“She has applied for and received numerous grants to support her efforts to develop and implement creative programs. One grant funded a project she called ‘Rocket Launchers.’ This program was designed to provide disability awareness training to third grade students while also developing peer interaction skills. The program culminated with an assembly at which the participants were able to launch rockets they had built.”

The nomination noted that earlier this year, Raynor was one of 50 nonprofit leaders to take part in the American Express Annual Leadership Academy. The academy serves as a leadership development program for nonprofit groups and organizations around the world.

Raynor earned a bachelor of arts degree in speech language pathology from Michigan State University and a master of arts degree in speech language pathology from Central Michigan University. She has been an educator for 30 years, the last nine with the Reeths-Puffer schools.

Fall Choir Concert Showcased the Talent of R-PHS Singers

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Last night the R-PHS choir program delivered nine song selections that provided the audience with a variety of music that simply satisfied the soul.  The night started with Mrs. Schlaff’s program dedication to her parents, Reinhold and Ingrid Hartwig, who loved their children deeply and encouraged the joy of music in them.  Recognition was also given to Mrs. Shirley Lemon, a master teacher who spent 32 years as Grand Haven’s choral director.  Mrs. Lemon has been a mentor for Mrs. Schlaff since her time spent as a student teacher 25 years ago.

The song presented in the video below is titled “It Takes a Village” by Joan Szymko.

As the concert concluded, it was clear to the audience, how deep the talent goes with the members of each choir.  We are very proud of our students!

Upcoming Choir Events:

R-P Middle School Choir Concert:  Thursday, Oct. 20th at First Lutheran Church (6:00 p.m.)

Madrigals Blast Off: November 4th & 5th

Candlelight Carols: December 14th at 7:00 p.m.

October 16, 2016

NHS Inducts 23 Members

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R-PHS inducted 23 new members in the fifty-fourth NHS induction ceremony held in the Rocket Centre this past Sunday evening.

New NHS Members

New Members in alpha-order:  Parker Aerts, Bethany Antor, Baylee Babcock, Brayden Blackburn, Taylor Dibble, Cameryn Dick, Lea Dyga, Madison Franckowiak, Scott Garcia, Kyle Goltz, Jenna Kwolek, Brandon Lemieux, David McHugh, Elijah Nichols, Matthew Ostoin, Lindsay Richardson, Dawson Romanosky, Reid Sayles, Trevor Schaadt, Noel Sheffer, Grace Sweet, Camryn Vanderleest and Brody Yarian.

The Pillars of our National Honor Society were presented by our current office holders:

Service:  Delaney Dahlstrom, President

Character: Lauren Jones and Zoe Vandenberg,  Co-Vice Presidents

Scholarship:  Blake Ross, Treasurer

Leadership:  Maryssa Depies, Secretary

Mrs. Stacy Johnson serves our NHS as advisor and together this talented group will impact our school and community with many service projects over the course of the school year.

Congratulations to our new members!


October 10, 2016

October = College Application Month!

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College App Week


R-PHS Art Students Tour Art Prize

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On Thursday, October 6, 51 R-PHS Art students traveled together to Grand Rapids to attend this year’s Art Prize festival.  They were able to interact with hundreds of works of art, as well as meet and listen to difference artists who discussed their works.  The students will certainly be able to bring back their experiences to R-P to amplify their own artistic creations.


October 3, 2016

College Scholarship Saturday!

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College Press

Upcoming scholarships


Scholarship: Varsity Tutors Scholarship
Due Date: October 15


Scholarship: College JumpStart Scholarship
Due Date: October 17


Scholarship: Voice of Democracy Scholarship
Due Date: November 1


Scholarship: James Alan Cox Scholarship for Student Photojournalists
Due Date: November 15


Scholarship: Win Free College Tuition Giveaway
Due Date: December 31

Featured scholarships



Monthly Scholarship
Sponsored by: AdmitSee

Apply Now »


Featured Scholarship
Featured Scholarship
Featured Scholarship
Featured Scholarship


Featured Scholarship
Featured Scholarship
Featured Scholarship

Social Media: Proceed With Caution

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Social Media provides connections in so many avenues for teenagers today that it’s difficult at times, to keep pace with the apps that students use among one another.  We are all familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat as what we (adults) might consider the primary social media sites of our students.  Some of the other sites that students use (but not limited to) are: Tumblr, Kik Messenger, Tinder, Burn Note, Yik Yak, ooVoo, Pheed, WhatApp, Vine, Skout and Whisper.  Whew!  That’s a lot of sites!

What is often times the case, social media topics run rampant across our students’ cell phones that grab their attention as well as their imagination.

The topic of “Clowning Around” has made its way from one coastline in America to the other. A quick Google search on “Clowning Around”  informs us of its birthplace on the internet being Facebook with surrogates such as Snapchat and Twitter to help it  link with as many teenage students as possible.

R-PHS students were talking about “Clowning Around” as they do other topics of the hour or day on their favorite social media sites.  What this topic does allow, is a great time to have adult conversations with teens about the potential dangers that lurk on their social media sites.

Keeping yourself safe is of utmost importance when it comes to social media sites.  Here are a few tips for maintaining safety:

  • Limit the amount of personal information you post.  Leave out your address, daily routines, photos and phone number.
  • Remember that the internet is a public resource.  Only post what you want the whole world to see or know about you.
  • Be wary of strangers.  If you don’t know someone personally, don’t give any information about yourself.
  • Restrict your settings.  Customize your settings to restrict access to only certain (well known) people.
  • Use strong passwords. Make guessing impossible!  It it’s compromised, someone can pretend to be you.
  • Be skeptical.  Don’t believe everything you read online.  Take time to verify any/all information before you take action on it.
  • Make sure your computer’s anti-virus software is updated.  The best place to catch a virus is on social media sites!

Social media sites are part of everyday life.  As you would obey traffic laws or rules in a school, know and better yet, put into practice safe practices when interacting on your favorite social media sites.


Attention Juniors! PSAT Test Sign-Up Ends October 13th!

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JUNIORS – If you plan on taking the October PSAT/NMSQT test please come to the Counseling office.

This test will NOT be given to ALL Juniors this fall.  There is a $15 fee to take the test and must be paid when signing up.  You must sign up BEFORE October 14th.

This test is great practice for the Spring SAT and is connected to several scholarships including the National Merit scholarship.

For more information click on the link below:


October 2, 2016

Marching Band Earns First Place at BOA Championships at University of Toledo

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The R-PHS Marching Band’s trip to Toledo was fabulous and the band performed very well!
Here are the results:
RP – 1st place in Class AA, Best General Effect (this is 60%of the score)
Jenison – 2nd place Class AA, Best Music (20% of score), Best Visual (20% of score)
1 – William Mason
2 – Plymouth Canton
3 – Reeths-Puffer
4 – Rockford
5 – Walled Lake Central
9 – Jenison
86.55 William Mason
80.90 Plymouth Canton
80.20 Rockford
79.95 Reeths-Puffer
78.70 Walled Lake Central
76.20 Lakota
75.85 Kettering Fairmont
74.00 Goshen
72.70 Jenison
69.35 Central Crossing
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